Marlacoo Lake is labelled 15 on the map. It lies North to North-North-East of markethill

The lake was described in 1838 in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs: "Marlacoo lake, situated in the north eastern part of the parish 3 and a half miles south east of the town of Richhill, is situated 230 feet above the sea. Length from north east to south west 600 yards. Breadth from north west to south east 230 yards: It is partly in the townland of Marlacoomore and partly in Marlacoobeg [in the parish of Mullaghbrack]. "

Map of lakes and rivers.

In the accompanying recording, Primrose Wilson describes Marlacoo Lake beside her home, Marlacoo House.

Photo of Primrose Wilson in 2003.

Use the audio controller to listen to this talk, given in 2003.

Marlacoo Lake. Marlacoo Lake.

Marlacoo Lake. Marlacoo Lake.

Marlacoo Lake.