The world was uncertain and the weather unpredictable for Plantation settlers in the early-17th Century. However, the new farming methods they introduced, such as better organisation and division of land, gave some level of relief. The planting of orchards and traditional crops, such as potatoes, clover and turnips, provided a little diversification and the developing system of fairs and markets allowed an outlet in times of good harvests. Such measures provided a small comfort zone for settlers in this area.

The land also lent itself to other practices. Though still predominantly an agricultural region the settlers developed into the growing of flax and the production of cotton and linen products. Though domestic in nature such practices could supplement the family income and raise the family above the level of subsistence. It would be some years before this industry was factory based but its early adoption help stave off the prospect of mass starvation in time of poor harvest.

Armagh apples.